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The Global Life Foods team is travelling extensively selecting the most suitable supply opportunities for its customer base in Australia and introducing those opportunities to our customers after quality standards are met.

The Flagship Brand


The Katoomba brand of packaged foods was born in Sydney. It all started with Mr. Albert, who developed his range of spices, pastes and condiments back in 1987. The brand quickly became a consumer favourite with its famous Roti breads and which is sold throughout Australia. Today, Katoomba offers an enormous variety of ambient and frozen packaged foods catering to the Ethnic and non-ethnic consumers alike.

Pure Ingredients


Puresoul is a lifestyle brand that offers credible products made with honest intentions that tastes good and is accessible to all. Puresoul better meets the needs of today’s consumers. The entire line of Puresoul products are made with premium quality ingredients that will nourish your body from within.

Foods and beverages


KUSHI is the happiness brand with a variety of exciting foods and beverages that makes living more enjoyable for everyone.

Supple Tek Industries

Supple Tek Industries Pvt Ltd is positioned in the heart of Punjab, a state also famously known as the rice bowl of Indian Basmati. Supple Tek is a flourishing enterprise crowned as the “Largest Exporter and Manufacturer of Basmati Rice” by AEDA and FIEO since 2012.

Driven by its belief and conscious effort to promote basmati pedigree across the world, Supple Tek has become a market leader as we contribute to around 17% of Basmati Rice exports from India.

Established in 1963

Gits Food

Gits Food, a legacy in the convenience packaged food segment in India. Established in 1963, Gits pioneered the convenience packaged food segment by being the first company to introduce the concept of Instant Mixes in India. Since inception, the quality policy, as set by the founders is simple & valuable: “We will not sell what we don’t relish ourselves”.

since 1892

Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri Tea Group is more than 100 years old (since 1892) and enjoys extraordinary loyalty in India & Abroad with an annual turnover in excess of US$ 145 million. Currently they are exporting (1) Premium Tea & Tea Bags (2) Flavoured and Specialty Teas (3) 100% Certified Organic Teas and (4) Instant 3-in-1 Tea Premix in various International markets. Their products are available at leading Mainstream Supermarkets viz Carrefour, Woolworth, Coles, Loblaws, No Frills, Lulu Hypermarket and many more International retail chains across the world.



Founded in 1974 by Hector McCallum. The company has progressed since its inception to an outstanding international supplier of processed meat products.
As one of Australasia’s largest producers of further processed meat products, McCallum Industries currently exports over 75 percent of it’s production around the world. Competing in over 25 export markets, the company enjoys dominant market share in many Pacific Rim countries.

The company’s manufactured food products strictly conform to both New Zealand and USDA food regulations and are certified for export by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority. An approved HACCP quality system is a critical part of the QA programs and is your assurance of outstanding quality and McCallum Industries’ absolute commitment to superior levels of service and performance.

Punjab Milk Foods Inc

Nanak Foods

Nanak Foods is the flagship brand of Punjab Milk Foods Inc., the largest and most innovative Indian dairy in North America. Certified by CFIA, FDA & EU, our facilities in Canada are run by dedicated employees and driven by state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. With extensive research and experience as the backbone, our products are known for their unmatchable taste, fresh ingredients and premium quality. Today our brands Nanak foods is available in every Indian grocery store and add a dash of authentic Indian flavors in many homes.

Since 1992


Kozhikkodens’ is a family owned bake house based at Calicut. Its formation was during the year 1992 by the strong skill and back up that we inherited from our ancestors.



Starting with manually ground spices, MDH soon switched over to automatic machines to meet the fast growing demand for MDH Spices. So much so today spices worth crores of rupees are manufactured and packed by modern machines and sold throughout India and abroad through a network of over 1000 Stockists and over 4 Lacs retail dealers. These machines now have a capacity of producing 30 tones of spices in powders packed in beautiful consumer pack of different sizes (10g to 500g) in a day.

MDH spices and blends are popular not just in India but also around the world and the products are being exported to the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, South East Asia, Japan, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia. Company have own offices in London (U.K.) and a state of art manufacturing unit at Sharjah (U.A.E.).



ITC’s Branded Packaged Foods business is one of the fastest growing foods businesses in India, driven by the market standing and consumer franchise of its popular brands – Aashirvaad, Bingo! Sunfeast, Fabelle, Sunbean, Yippee! Kitchens of India, B Natural, ITC Master Chef, Farmland, mint-o, Candyman and GumOn. The Foods business is today represented in multiple categories in the market – Staples, Spices, Biscuits, Confectionery & Gums, Snacks, Noodles & Pasta, Beverages, Dairy, Ready to Eat Meals, Chocolate, Coffee and Frozen Foods.

ITC’s uncompromising commitment to the health and safety of its consumers ensures adherence to the highest levels of quality, safety and hygiene standards in manufacturing processes and in the supply chain. All ITC-owned manufacturing units are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified. The quality performance of all manufacturing units is monitored continuously online. Going beyond process control, ITC ensures that quality standards are scrupulously adhered to while choosing ingredients that go into the preparation of its food products.

Since 1940’s

Mighty Spice

We started our pickles and spices business in the 1940’s, in a small town called Pune, in India. 1n 1995, we launched spice mixes to cook Indian curries
and were the first ones to do so in India. in 2012, we sold our brand.
In 2017, after 3 years of research, we launched our best creations yet – Mighty Spice. Our eternal quest has been to get convenience
in the kitchen without a compromise in taste or authenticity.
It is tough…but not impossible.

We apply 60 years experience in sourcing and supply chain to benefit our customers and add value to their business

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