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Wholesale Asian & Indian Snack Food Range

Looking for something sweet or for a party? Then look no further than our delicious range of confectionery, biscuits, desserts, and snacks. Our biscuits comprise of chocolate filled versions through to more health-conscious crackers and traditional rusks. Our traditional Indian and Malaysian desserts mixes are the perfect way to end a meal or dinner party with exciting options to delight customers looking for new flavours.

Quality Wholesale Snacks & Indian Snack Food Products

If it’s snacks you’re looking for then we’ve got it covered. From the delicious savoury snack Moong Dal through to sweeter Banana chips, serve our snacks as an accompaniment with drinks or as a snack – anytime. Jelly cups are a favourite any time of year and perfect for kids snacks or as part of a kids meal deal and are a perfect example of our range of fun products.

ITC Sunfeast Range

Global Life Foods offers a range of Kushi Jelly cup flavours:

  • Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Luxury Choco Fills
  • Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Luxury Coffee Fills
  • Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Luxury Choco Meltz


Kushi Jelly Cups

Global Life Foods offers a range of Kushi Jelly cup flavours:

  • Orange
  • Green Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Lychee
  • Mango

Kozhikoden Snacks

Global Life Foods is a proud Australian distributor of the popular and authentic Kozhikoden Indian Snack Food range:

  • Kozhikoden’s Banana Chips
  • Kozhikoden’s Kerala Mixture
  • Kozhikoden’s Ripe Jackfruit Chips
  • Kozhikoden’s Tapioca Chips Masala
  • Kozhikoden’s Tapioca Chips Salted
  • Kozhikoden’s Banana Chips
  • Kozhikoden’s Bittergourd Chips
  • Kozhikoden’s Banana Sweetened
  • Kozhikoden’s Banana Sweet (Ripe)  Chips
  • Kozhikoden’s Diamond cut Masala
  • Kozhikoden’s Diamond cut Sweet
  • Kozhikoden’s Gingelly Ball
  • Kozhikoden’s Gingelly Bar
  • Kozhikoden’s Jackfruit Chips
  • Kozhikoden’s Kerala Mixture (Extra hot)
  • Kozhikoden’s Kerala Mixture
  • Kozhikoden’s Madras Mixture
  • Kozhikoden’s Special Murukku (Spicy)
  • Kozhikoden’s Special Baby Murukku (Spicy)
  • Kozhikoden’s Special Palak Murukku
  • Kozhikoden’s Special Masala Murukku
  • Kozhikoden’s Special Baby Murukku (Spicy)

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