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When the world thinks of Basmati, it thinks of India. Supple Tek Industries Pvt Ltd is positioned in the heart of Punjab, a state also famously known as the rice bowl of Indian Basmati. Supple Tek is a flourishing enterprise crowned as the “Largest Exporter and Manufacturer of Basmati Rice” by AEDA and FIEO since 2012.

Driven by its belief and conscious effort to promote basmati pedigree across the world, Supple Tek has become a market leader as we contribute to around 17% of Basmati Rice exports from India.

Global Life Foods has partnered with Supple Tek for the Australian market. The Zeeba brand of Classic Basmati Rice is the flagship brand of Supple Tek, which is a full body, full flavour rice known for its long grain, great mouth feels and texture.

Our Selection of Rice

  • Katoomba Premium 5 kg x 4
  • Katoomba Premium 20 kg
  • Katoomba Exotic 5 kg x 4
  • Katoomba Exotic 20 kg
  • Katoomba Everyday 5 kg x 4
  • Zeeba Classic 20 kg
  • Zeeba Golden Sella 5 kg x 4
  • Zeeba Golden Sella 20 kg
  • Zeeba 1121 Premium 5 kg x 4
  • Zeeba 1121 Premium 20 kg
  • Zeeba Creamy Sella 5 kg x 4
  • TRC Premium 5 kg x 4
  • TRC Original 5 kg x 4
  • Katoomba Sona Masoori Rice 5 kg x 5
  • Katoomba Sona Masoori Rice 25 kg
  • Katoomba Idly Rice 5 kg x 5
  • Katoomba Jaya Rice 25 kg
  • Katoomba Ponni Parboied Rice 5 kg x 5

We apply 60 years experience in sourcing and supply chain to benefit our customers and add value to their business

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