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Wholesale Coconut Oil & Ghee

Ghee ‘real clarified butter’ has long been considered a healthy fat in Ayurveda, the Indian health practice. Ghee is now a favourite of chefs and health food advocates embracing both its delicious flavour and health benefits. Global Life Foods is the exclusive wholesale distributor of our premium brand of “PureSoul Ghee” which is available in natural and infused versions.

Puresoul Ghee Range

Global Life Foods distributes the following PureSoul Ghee products:

  • Puresoul Ghee (Original recipe)
  • Puresoul Ghee infused with Lime
  • Puresoul Ghee infused with Chilli
  • Puresoul Ghee infused with Garlic
  • Puresoul Ghee infused with Himalayan Salt
  • Puresoul Ghee infused with Turmeric
  • Puresoul Ghee infused with Black Truffle

Kozhikoden Coconut Oil

Global Life Foods is a proud Australian distributor of the following Kozhikoden Cold-pressed Virgin coconut oil:

  • Coconut Oil 1 Ltr x 12

Do You Know the Difference Between Butter and Ghee?

Ghee and butter both come from cow’s milk, however, ghee does not contain the same levels of dairy milk proteins. Instead, it’s made from grass-fed butter. This means this is a great alternative for those that have lactose intolerance.

Why You Should Add Ghee to Your Cooking

Did you know that Ghee also produces less of the toxin acrylamide when heated compared to other oils? It’s also used as part of a traditional detox in Ayurvedic medicine. Most importantly, it can be used as a butter replacement in almost any dish.

Helpful Ghee Facts

  • Ghee has a higher smoke point when compared to butter, which means it doesn’t burn as quickly
  • Ghee is rich in butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid, which can reduce inflammatory conditions
  • Ghee can be used as a spread, just like nut butter
  • Ghee has a nutty flavour which works great as a butter substitute for potatoes


Global Life Foods is proud to be offering the best Wholesale ghee products. Our premium range is suitable for food manufacturers and distributors. Get in touch to bring these quality and healthy options to your customers.

Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

The following provides an overview of the benefits of using coconut oil in your cooking:

  • Increases the “good” cholesterol
  • Helps to control blood sugar
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Gives skin and hair a healthy boost
  • A better form of saturated fat – there is a high amount of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are difficult for your body to convert into fat


Types of Coconut Oil

The following table outlines the different types of coconut oil & their qualities:

Coconut Oil Qualities
Partially hydrogenated coconut oil Contains trans-fatty acids, which are the worst kind of fat for the body
Refined Coconut Oil Has a higher smoke point, which makes it ideal for sauteing, stir-frying & baking.
Virgin Coconut Oil Tropical coconut scent and flavour, made from fresh coconuts.

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